Propaganda In, Propaganda Out

There must be about 4 Americans left who still believe that our country is the pinnacle of truth and justice, but for the rest of us, here is an interesting vision of the [tag]US propaganda machine[/tag], culled from diverse sources.

In this morning’s NY Times, there is an article about [tag]TV Marti[/tag], an uplifting US-based reality TV sunbeam, lasered by special airplane down to Cuba’s huddled masses.

The federal [tag]International Broadcasting Bureau[/tag], which also operates the Voice of America, says the purpose of Radio and TV Martí is to broadcast “accurate and objective news and information” to Cuba, where news is tightly controlled by the government.

although not all agree with this assessment:

‘The really shrill, outrageous kind of stuff they broadcast has no credibility in Cuba,’ said John Nichols, a communications professor at Pennsylvania State University who studies Radio and TV Martí.

Who to believe?
This interesting display of worldwide [tag]Newsweek[/tag] covers that is circulating around the ROWWW (Rest-of-World-Wide-Web) might help inquiring minds see more clearly:

Newsweek around the world

Regrettably, I wasn’t able to find an example of Newsweek’s cover for Cuban distribution to complete this entry.

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