Outsourcing CO2 Emissions

If I were a modern western industrial nation with a profound desire to decrease my CO2 emissions, I wonder if the most efficient way of doing so wouldn’t be by outsourcing my polluting, energivorous manufacturing to some large Asian powerhouse country.

There would be multiple benefits to such a strategy:

  • The CO2 produced by the manufacturing processes to make ‘my’ stuff would no longer be counted as ‘my’ CO2
  • The CO2 produced by transporting the manufactured stuff to markets within my borders would no longer be counted as ‘my’ CO2.
  • If anyone bitched about how much CO2 I still produced, I could say I was as concerned as the next country by the problem, but hey! what’s the point of upheaving my own economy if that big Asian powerhouse that’s making all ‘my’ stuff isn’t regulated, too (hehe).
  • Obviously, our stuff would be dirt cheap cause it’s made by cheap emerging economy labor, so we can get more of it.
  • And in the end, because property is 9/10th of the (anglo-saxon) law, I get to keep the stuff!

Wow! Anyone else think that this a great geopolitical approach to attacking climate change?

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